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To resolve the problem of insufficient power of mo

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We all know that HTC mobile phone power consumption too fast a user buy a nominal 5000mAh mobile power. After use, the friend has this doubt, mobile phone battery is 1500mAh capacity, in theory, this power should be able to full three electric generally only twice more, but the actual down, the third time is difficult to full, which is how ah? not I Maidaojiahuo to? not buy knockoff?

In fact, the product itself is not the problem. From the point of view of his friend, the mobile power should be not much quality issues, this case is not representing manufacturers serious xubiao issues. Mobile power capacity represented itself is just the maximum power of the internal lithium-ion batteries can be loaded, but in fact, this capacity is difficult to completely filled, but also in the use of mobile power to charge other devices, also there is a certain amount of power loss, so the nominal capacity of the mobile power converted into the actual available energy are generally play on seven discount for each purchase.

       That buy this nominal 5000mAh mobile power 3500-4000mAh battery that is capable of outputting the actual charge, because of what electronic products have a power loss. Mobile power charging Po is the same, will consume a certain amount of power used.

       Therefore sufficient dissatisfaction three fairly normal phone. Of course, not all mobile power products in the market are so free to charge the product because of the use of high-quality batteries, and a unique technology management chip, then the energy conversion efficiency will be high on some conversion rate can reach 90% or more . About 90% of capacity to the translation. This can only be free to charge products, because the products are free to charge and charge capacity, some manufacturers of mobile power virtual standard batteries is not so much capacity, this time not by this method to forget .
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