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Life really need to move power

(2013-1-16)   Hits931

In fact, mobile power is a very practical stuff. Can give almost all common smart digital products charge you, at any time not to lack of electricity in everyday life, which led to work problems or life crisis.

       If consumers really high demands on the battery life of electronic products, in the purchase of electronic products, it should be life time on the key points of consideration, the purchase itself longer battery life. If consumers buy the equipment happens to support the non-battery-powered, so when using mobile supply will not have the equipment impact; And if consumers buy the equipment supports only battery-powered, that is to say, even if mobile power, only to charge the battery, the battery damage will be enormous. Caused by the high temperature, because the lithium battery charge and discharge, it is easy example, while charging or receiving a call, the phone can easily cause fever, severe damage the phone, or even cause the battery to explode.

       Free to charge mobile power products go through a strict quality check will be on the market, this kind of thing battery explosion is almost impossible to happen.
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